Refund Policy

ILEX WEBSITE Returns Policy

Last Modified: July 11, 2020

At Ilex, we want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. That is why we offer a 30-day, satisfaction-guaranteed refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your product, please send us an email at We will issue a refund form, that you must fill out and email to us within the 30-day period after receiving the product. Afterwards, simply ship your watch to our warehouse address that we will provide you within the 30-day period, and you will be issued a refund for your product.

In order for a product to qualify for our refund policy, it must be completely undamaged and unmodified, in original working condition, and in its original packaging, with all included accessories intact and unmodified. After shipping the product to us, and arrival at our warehouse, the product will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets the criteria to be eligible for our refund policy. If the product meets the criteria, one hundred percent of the original price of the product payed by the buyer will be refunded to the buyer. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs to our Las Vegas warehouse. If the product does not meet the refund criteria, it will be returned to the buyer, at the buyer’s expense.

Your Comments and Concerns

All other feedback, comments, or questions regarding our refund policy should be directed to: