Real-time COVID-19 symptomatic alerts

Ilex uses powerful, highly sophisticated medical sensors that constantly monitor your body for symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, among other prevalent maladies. Upon detection of these symptoms, Ilex alerts you, allowing you to take immediate action and possibly seek professional medical help.

Ilex’s medical grade thermistor contains a microchip that allows it to constantly monitor fluctuations in your body temperature. Upon the earliest indication of pyrexia, the most common measurable symptom of COVID-19, Ilex will alert you.

Disclaimer: Ilex is not designed to diagnose or prevent any medical conditions, but its advanced sensors and OS can give accurate measurements of your biometrics and alert you when they get into symptomatic regions.


Medical Grade Sensors

Every Ilex Watch comes equipped with a state-of-the-art medical-grade thermal resistor for highly accurate temperature detection. In the case that your body displays signs of an early fever, Ilex will alert you so that you can seek medical help.

Ilex also comes with ECG, heart rate, blood-pressure, and sleep tracker sensors, each with their own custom microchips.

Powerful applications and interface

The advanced safety features of Ilex come with unparalleled utility. Ilex offers nearly 40 pre-installed and installable applications that are designed to provide you with a premium smart watch experience.

Whether it’s making a call through your the Ilex call application, taking a photo from a distance through the remote camera application, or tracking your workout goals with the fitness application, Ilex has got you covered.



Built to Last

Ilex is built with a sleek, comfortable, and sturdy 44 mm aluminum and ceramic case. Ilex’s robust design empowers it to withstand physical impact from everyday life and protect your health all the while.

We understand that sometimes, things can happen to your watch. That’s why Ilex Watch is IP68 waterproof, and comes with a one-year limited warranty. Simply contact us through our website and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your Watch.

Your Way.

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